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Dogue de Bordeaux Health Directory

This web site, incorporating a Health test Award scheme, has been developed to meet the two main requirements needed to have the Dogue De Bordeaux removed from the High Profile Breed list, (see HPB list removal criteria).

The site flyer has been designed to be used to promote the site and encourage as many people as possible, whether they be pet owners or Exhibitor / Breeders to participate in the Award scheme, to generate the required statistics to enable a health report for the breed to be submitted the Kennel Club.

The site also gives people somewhere to go to research the health issues that may affect the Dogue De Bordeaux, there is plenty of information available on the internet if you know where to look, the site aims to gather together all that information which is relevant to the Dogue De Bordeaux, in an easy to use site that is freely available to everyone who has an interest in the breed, either as a much loved family pet, show exhibiting, or perhaps going on to breed healthy pups from healthy parents.

This web site can be linked to individual Show Kennels, Breeders or Club web-sites by taking the banner from the links page, any interested party can forward, via the contact page, other research / information that is relevant to the Dogue De Bordeaux, for it to be included on the site.

Helping to make this site and Award Scheme a success will ultimately benefit the breed as a whole.

‘When used for good, knowledge is power’ Welcome to the Dogue de Bordeaux Health Directory